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Yacht Support


Our team has a very complimentary experience in all fields of the local and international maritime industries. We have knowledge and understanding of the best operational and environmental procedures and we are connected to the main international yacht services networks. We are also a member of AYSS (Association of Yacht Support Services) and any owner or captain that engages BYS as a yacht support company, can be sure to receive a good quality support anywhere in the world. With preparation, commitment and transparency, we are able to assist with any yacht related queries.



We have supported Yachts between 80ft & 420ft of multiple nationalities and flags, both motor and sail, wood, fiber, aluminium and steel and have proudly become the benchmark for foreign flag vessels visiting our waters.

We have had success with projects from the Amazon to the southern bother and today we are the company with most experience at servicing large Yachts. Each Project is unique and considers the requirements and goals of the vessel, its crew and its owners, as well as any restrictions on navigation within our waters.

We provide an individual and customized plan and supply staff dedicated to each project, providing logistical aid, not only on maritime fronts, but also for land and aviation, so that our clients have a unique experience when in our continent.


Brazil Yacht Services also operates in the logistics programming and ground support for Brazilian flag vessels with interest in voyaging abroad. We function as the central office for vessels that have the ability and the habit of making crossings and long voyages, and which can host family and friends anywhere in Brazil and around the globe. Our team has extensive experience in Yacht Support and Yacht Deliveries and can program among other things the entire itinerary with supply points and provisioning, customs and immigration, in order to ensure safe navigation and avoid bureaucratic delays. We can advise on all fronts, including providing temporary crew to assist in the re positioning of vessels.


Our clients can count on us for all the interaction with the shipyards and on-site support for newbuilds or refits.

Naval architecture and engineering offer a very technical and precise project but no matter how experienced the yard is there are always specific decisions to be made on the course of the execution stage. Our clients can count on our transparency and our on-site presence at all times to ensure that the execution is going as the project determines and any decisions taken on the field will have the best interest of the owner in mind.